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Corporate Programs

Club Nautique is uniquely positioned to help your organization heighten enthusiasm, forge successful teamwork and increase productivity.

Our custom, professionally designed programs combine Leadership, Communication, and Teamwork, to deliver highly effective employee development in a non-traditional setting in the most time-efficient format for busy professionals.

Choose from a range of different structured events for individuals or groups of up to 100 participants, or let us tailor an event to fit your organization’s goals, schedule and budget.

Photo Treasure Hunt
One to Twenty Sailboats
One to One Hundred Participants

Strategizing, organizing and execution are the aims in this exercise. Teams are given a list of objectives on, or near, the water that can be photographed (lighthouse, buoy, Giant facility, flat-top, etc.). Each has a point value based on its ease of finding. The team strategizes how to get the most points then sails to the objects it selects. At the end of the day, the team with the most points wins.

Basic Team Builder
One Sailboat
Up to Six Participants

Participants spend a day on the water working together in new and collaborative ways. This is an ideal opportunity for small groups who work closely together to foster camaraderie and trust, and is a powerful and fun team building experience.

Client Entertainment or Employee Reward Cruises
One to Twenty Boats
One to One Hundred Participants
Sailboats or Motor Yachts

Bay cruises are the perfect opportunity for you to strengthen personal and business relationships while you enjoy the scenery of San Francisco Bay. Participants may choose to actively crew or simply relax as guests while our experienced captains do the work.

“As a professional in the training and professional development field, I think that Club Nautique’s team building and corporate programs are a healthy and productive choice for companies wanting to develop their staffs. They can tack and jibe their way to a sense of accomplishment.”

– Corky Baggett – Program Manager – Mane

Team Building Regatta
Two to Twenty Sailboats
Ten to One Hundred Participants

Participants form teams that sail together while racing against colleagues in a structured regatta format. Regatta days foster group decision-making and improved teamwork in a fun and challenging environment.

“We tried other programs, but this was the first Team Builder that lasted well beyond the day of fun on the water. Even months later my group still challenges one another to see who will be victorious on our next outing. The Club Nautique program is healthy competition at its finest with each participant having something to share and with much laughter.”

– Bill Mayer, Director ASD Product Support
– NetCare Professionals, Lucent Technologies

Custom Programs
What would YOU like to do?
Overnight cruise?
Multi-day event?
Dinner cruise?
Destination cruise?
Treasure Hunt?

Club Nautique is happy to tailor a special event to fit your company’s goals and budget. Let us help you design a program that will produce the best results.

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