At Club Nautique, we’re always looking for ways to help our members spend more time on the water. The deals on this page are, bar none, the best charter values we have to offer. So, if you love a great price, look no further.

Featured Vessels

Each month we’ll feature a variety of vessels from across the fleet. You’ll see boats big and small, inshore and offshore ready, newer and older represented. We’ll make sure to feature at least one boat each month. Best of all, these boats are available at a special “Featured” rate, so don’t miss out. Call today to find out details!

APRIL’s Featured vessels


  • Hunter 33 – Saphira
  • Beneteau 34 – Belle Soeurs
  • Beneteau 34 – Na Ohana
  • Jeanneau 349 – Caribbean Blue
  • Jeanneau 349 – Morrowind (NEW VESSEL!!!)
  • Beneteau 37 – Hoistafew II (NEW VESSEL!!!)
  • Beneteau 38 – Nivale
  • Jeanneau 419 – Leka Poleka 
  • Jeanneau 419 – Shell Bell (NEW VESSEL!!!)
  • (P) Mainship 43 – Thousand Aces


  • Hunter 31 – Elixer
  • Hunter 31 – Summer Gale
  • Beneteau 31 – Olenka
  • Hunter 33 – Amarantime
  • Jeanneau 349 – Manhattan
  • Jeanneau 349 – Bella Mia (NEW VESSEL!!!)
  • Beneteau 37 – Grey Goose
  • Jeanneau 379 – Kimberly B
  • Beneteau 38 – Pay Dirt
  • Beneteau 38 – Gratitude
  • Beneteau 40 – Mystique
  • (P) Marlow Mainship 37 – Rhapsody
  • (P) Jeanneau Velasco 37F – Dream Won

Half Day Charter

We’ve all been there. Wake up and it’s a dreary, foggy, cold morning in the Bay Area. Then around 11am you look out the window and the sun is shining and a breeze is building. You realize the afternoon is going to be spectacular.

We’ve got you covered.

Perfect for the last minute outing, Half day charters start at 2pm and go till 7am the next day. Compared to a full day charter, you’ll save over 9% during the week and over 40% on the weekend. Talk about a great deal!

N.B. Half day charters on boats 31′ and above are booked same day only. Call our bases for availability.

The Getaway

Most folks want to charter on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Econ 101 told you that when supply exceeds demand, the price comes down. Enter the Getaway charter.

Starting at 9am Monday and keeping the boat till 7am on Friday, you’ll save 25% vs the cost of 4 weekdays. It’s an outstanding way to build a vacation on a budget!

Long Weekend

So, you’re ready for a long weekend, but full price isn’t how you roll? Makes sense to us!

Booking a non-holiday weekend plus two weekdays will save you over 21% compared to a weekend and two weekdays. If you do it on a Holiday weekend, you’ll save over 29%!

Remember, multi-day charters are eligible for free early boarding.

Full Weekend

Are you working for the weekend? New in 2016, full weekend charters now start at 1600 on Friday! So if you can sneak out a little early, you’ll be cruising by quitting time.

The Full Weekend rate saves you over 12% vs two weekend days, and you keep the boat from 1600 Friday through 0700 Monday. Talk about maximizing your time off!

Full Week

If you can take the time for an extended cruise, the Full Week is a fantastic bargain. With 5 weekdays and a whole weekend, you’ll pick up the boat at 1600 the day before your booking and keep it till 0700 eight days later.

The Full Week saves you over 30% vs 5 weekdays and a weekend. That’s nice work if you can get it, and you can get it if you try!


Last but not least is the SERIOUS excursion.

Take your time and explore the Delta’s more than 700 miles of navigable waterway. Maybe you’ll head down to San Diego, stopping at all the great spots along the way. Whatever you decide to do with your time, a month long charter is a great way to prepare for the cruising lifestyle, and you’ll save over 35% while doing it.