Solar powered boats

Looks like solar powered boats are a commercial reality

The solar powered boat, named the Energy Observer, aims to circumnavigate the globe using only clean power; powered by the sun and a mix of renewable energy, wind, solar and water.

A vessel called Solar Power completed a circumnavigation in 2012, the Energy Observer will rely on multiple renewable energy sources during it’s planned six year voyage. The plan is to stop at 50 countries and 101 ports of call during the trip in order to promote this type of technology. The vessel cost $4.75 million to build and the trip will cost almost that much per year in operational costs.

As well as aiming to become the first boat to be powered solely by renewable energies to circumnavigate the globe, the Energy Observer will also be the first ship in the world to produce hydrogen on board through desalination of sea water.

See the link for the complete article.

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