Rendezvous Charters

Rendezvous Charters

As if anyone needs more excuses to go boating, Club Nautique sponsors these fun events.  They’re great ways to get out on different boats, explore new cruising destinations and meet more people who share your passion for boating (and will share the charter fees).

Each Rendezvous Cruise includes a day of sailing or powerboating with a predetermined destination where all the boats get together to share a meal and camaraderie.  A Club Instructor skippers a lead boat to help ensure that everything goes smoothly.

We make it easy for everyone to attend. These events are open to members and nonmembers, experienced skippers and novice crew.  You may choose to join us one of three ways:

  1. Charter a full boat for your family and friends (no extra charge for the event).
  2. Purchase a position on the Lead Boat, skippered by a Club Nautique Instructor.
  3. “CharterShare.”  Sign up as skipper or crew on one of the boats the club sets aside and simply split the charter fee with your crewmates.

Sometimes our destination will be an anchorage where we’ll all raft up, other times we’ll rendezvous at a yacht harbor.  Some rendezvous will be BBQs where everyone brings some food and beverages to share, other times we’ll meet at a waterfront bistro and leave the food preparation to the pros.  Call for details on each separate Cruise and Rendezvous.

For more information, the latest schedule, or to sign-up call 833-214-8918