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The Back Story on Puerto Vallarta

by Don Durant

Two years ago Judy and I were cruising Banderas Bay aboard Costa Azul, our friends’ and former business partners’ yacht. We enjoyed perfect weather, sea life so 

abundant it was almost a navigational hazard, 3-star beachfront dining where we were treated like family, friendly people who were incredibly gracious and eager to shower us with hospitality and dare I say it — shopping bargains so amazing we almost felt guilty.

Halfway through our cruise we wondered why there were no, nada, zip, zero bareboat charter companies in this amazing cruising ground which has long been a favorite of blue water cruisers including the founder of Latitude 38 magazine. With hindsight, it’s probably because the voyage from, “Let’s open a base here!” to actually getting it open, took twice as long and was ten times more difficult and expensive than we expected.

Why Puerto Vallarta?

As I said above, this is a wonderful cruising location, but there are other wonderful cruising locations, so what’s different about Banderas Bay? In marketing lingo, what is the USP or Unique Selling Proposition? There are several:

  • It’s CLOSE! To be exact, 3 hours 40 minutes non-stop from SFO to PVR. That’s close enough for a long weekend getaway to make sense. You can get there faster than you can get to the wine country on a Friday night.
  • It’s easy to get there. Most major US carriers are currently offering non-stop, round-trip flights for $309 and this is the high season!
  • It’s a bargain! In the last few years, the peso to dollar exchange rate has slid from 8:1 to 20:1. Dinner at the very best restaurants is about $25 per person. A beer is $1.
  • It’s SAFE! Puerto Vallarta is not some border town in the news. Both the Navy and Army have big bases here. In short, it’s off limits — if you want trouble, you’re going to have to dig for it.
  • Our base at Paradise Village Marina has every resort amenity you can think of from A to Zoo Yes, it’s even got a zoo. I’ve chartered from Turkey to Tahiti and never seen anything even close.

I could go on, but I really don’t mean for this to be a sales pitch. I just can’t help myself because it’s an awesome location and I want to share it with ALL of our opens IMAGE file members, so I’ll cut this short with two more comments:

If you’re looking for a great mini-vacation or week or longer cruise, now through March 3rd, Club Nautique members get 28% off new charter bookings. We REALLY want you to come see us!






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