Steve Saul

Steve has been an active sailor and boat owner for the past 25 years. After a three decade career in commercial real estate, he began his encore career as a […]

Paul Jones

Paul Jones began a very shaky sailing career on the lakes of Ohio and Michigan in his youth. Transformation occurred when he moved to San Francisco in 1970 where he […]

Stuart Hunter

A Minnesota kid (Northfield – “home of cows, colleges, and contentment”), Stuart spent summers sailing in Paul Bunyan’s foot prints, mostly on small centerboard boats and inland lake scows, with […]

Wayne Shen

Wayne Shen started his boating experience at Lake Erie and Finger Lakes area while he was a graduate student at Buffalo, NY around 1990. In 1995, Wayne moved to San […]

Dave Scott

In 2003, David joined club Nautique as an ultimate member, he took classes from power boating up through coastal passage making and many of the clinics. He shortly after went […]

Thomas Perry

Thomas’ initial exposure to boating was as a kid in Michigan on power boats and many days standing by the shore dreaming of one day becoming a skipper. His love […]

Arnstein Mustad

Arnstein spent the summers of his youth working 20-hour days aboard fishing trawlers in the rough North Atlantic off the coast of Iceland. Realizing that this was not “yachting” he […]

Kay-John Kavanaugh

Kay-John has been with Club Nautique for a long time! He started sailing at the age of 12 when he lived in Germany after his middle school teacher took him […]

Aki Kaniel

Aki joined Club Nautique in 1984 as a member. He is a US Sailing certified instructor and Coast Guard licensed Club Nautique instructor. Aki has more than 10,000 ocean miles […]

Joe Brandt

Joe learned how to sail in 1976 at Lake Merritt in Oakland, California on El Toro sailboats. He sailed on the Bay with friends and family and joined a sailing […]