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Kay-John has been with Club Nautique for a long time! He started sailing at the age of 12 when he lived in Germany after his middle school teacher took him out on her family’s 33’ sloop. He was instantly hooked and from then on worked his way up from dingy racing sailor to become a European Union / Germany certified commercial Yacht Captain and Sailing Instructor.

He logged many nautical miles in all kinds of weather conditions on the North Sea, Baltic Sea, Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea (from Spain to Turkey), while teaching boating classes, delivering boats or underway for fun.

When he moved back to the US in 1997 he obtained his USCG Masters license and all the US Sailing Instructor certification levels starting with Basic Keelboat to Coastal Passage Making. That was the year that he started to teach and instruct at Club Nautique.

Kay-John is an instructor you will not see every weekend, because when he is not teaching at Club Nautique he is quite busy as a Coxswain for the US Coast Guard Auxiliary on patrol orders. He is also involved in all kinds of other USCG support and boating safety missions. When he’s not working for Club Nautique or the Coast Guard, he is taking care of his son when his wife is on active duty for the US Coast Guard.

” “My mission is to ensure that everybody has fun, gets confident in handling the boat and gets home safely. The better I do my job as an instructor the less likely one of my extended Coast Guard family members has to go out and assist or rescue somebody.””