Name: manoverboard app

Why I like this app: A very quick and easy way to locate a person in the water.


This app allows you to use your mobile device as a man overboard device. Simply touch the MOB button on the app and it will direct you back to the person in the water. You can also select a screen that gives your current position and the position of the person in the water so that you can give that information to others.

The app uses a big arrow to guide you immediately to the person in the water. When you are closer than 100 meters, the arrow turns from red to green. The app also gives you distance from the MOB and time elapsed.

This app is particularly useful if you are on a boat without a chart plotter. Obviously, if you have a chart plotter, the chart plotter will be a much quicker way to return to your person in the water. Using this app means that you have to get your phone out and find the app and then tap the MOB button. You should not let this app to replace sound techniques to immediately go to a MOB maneuver in order to retrieve the person in the water. This app would be particularly helpful in restricted visibility.

Platforms: iPhone, iPad

Price: $1.99

MOB 1opens IMAGE file MOB 2opens IMAGE file MOB 3opens IMAGE file MOB 4opens IMAGE file MOB 5opens IMAGE file

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