Name: Maritime Calculator

Why I like this app: Gives you lots of different conversion options


This is sort of a catch-all app that gives you the ability to convert between lots of different units having to do with boating including:

  • Beaufort scale and wind speed in knots
  • Relative and true wind speed
  • Depth in various units
  • Speed in various units
  • Distance in various units
  • Great Circle routes and Mercator routes
  • Speed/Time/Distance calculations
  • Sunrise/Sunset data
  • Time Zone conversions

It also gives you your current position, COG, SOG and True Heading

Platforms: iPhone, iPad

Price: Free

MC 1opens IMAGE file MC 2opens IMAGE file mc 3opens IMAGE file mc 4opens IMAGE file mc 5opens IMAGE file MC 6opens IMAGE file mc 7opens IMAGE file

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