Name: fiber solar power

Why I like this app: This technology will provide us with ubiquitous solar power at a very low cost. Solar power fibers will be integrated into just about any structure.


Several months ago I wrote an article about research being conducted at Clemson University that was headed towards fibers that generated solar power. The idea at that time is that sails could be made of this material and we would have very large solar power from our sails.

MIT and South Korea are working on similar technology at a much smaller level. These are fibers that are smaller than a human hair. These fibers can be integrated into several types of materials including road beds and many other materials. This could mean that the entire boat, hull and deck could be one big solar panel. This technology is still in the research phase but if you look at the trends in solar technology development the future looks very bright. See the link below for the entire article.

Platforms: It’s not an app

Price: Yet to be seen

solar power fiber 1opens IMAGE file solar power fiber 2opens IMAGE file

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