Name: Travel Guide apps

Why I like this app: Most of them are free and have off-line versions


We are going to be part of the Croatia Flotilla next month (September, 2016). It turns out there are several free travel guide apps for Croatia. In fact, after spending some time searching the app store, there are travel guides for almost all sailing destinations in the world and most of them are free.

Many of them provide off-line capability which, of course means that you don’t need cell or wifi access in order to use them. I looked for cruising guides and they are not nearly as plentiful. There is an interesting cruising guide for most of Europe called “Hello Skipper”. I looked at this app for Croatia. It’s OK, not great, but the nice this is that they have used Google maps and have overlaid all of the ferry routes. You can also see aerial views of the marinas.

For our trip to Croatia I have scanned in the parts of the book cruising guide that apply to our trip so that I can leave the very large book home and access the PDF file on my iPad.

I don’t know if the same sort of thing is available for Android devices but my guess is that they exist.

Platforms: Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, Android (don’t know)

Price: Most are free


Travel guide 2opens IMAGE file Travel guide 3opens IMAGE file Travel guide 4opens IMAGE file Travel guide 5opens IMAGE file Travel guide 1opens IMAGE file

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