Name: USCG app

Why I like this app: This app is loaded with a wide range of information and services. In addition to lots of other stuff you can file a float plan and request emergency help.


This app has many different features including:

  • List of safety laws
  • Request a vessel safety check
  • Determine what safety equipment if required for your boat
  • File a float plan
  • Rules of the road
  • Access weather information from the closest NOAA buoys
  • Report a navigational hazard
  • Report pollution issues to the Coast Guard
  • Report suspicious activity
  • Call 911
  • Call the USCG (emergency or non-emergency options)
    • Note that the USCG still prefers that you call them on VHF channel 16

Platforms: iPhone, iPad (only if you download it as an iPhone app, Android

Price: Free

USCG app 1opens IMAGE file USCG app 2opens IMAGE file USCG app 3opens IMAGE file USCG app 4opens IMAGE file USCG app 5opens IMAGE file

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