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Lining up for CPM

Coastal Anchoring

Heavy Seas for Heavy Duty Sailors


Club Nautique’s US SAILING Coastal and Offshore Passage Making programs are the best in the country.

Club Nautique has the most extensive Passage Making training program in the country. In fact, we are proud to have taught and certified over 75% of all the US SAILING Passage Making graduates in the nation! That’s more than all of the other schools in the country COMBINED!

Coastal Passage Making “Wall of Fame!”
View graduates from as far back as 2006!


Offshore Passage Making “Wall of Fame!”


What makes our program stand out above the rest?

  • Experienced, professional instructors
  • New, well-equipped, luxurious cruising yachts
  • Multiple voyages with varying wind and sea conditions
  • Multiple voyages with diverse crew to expand your experience

Learn more about the US SAILING Coastal Passage Making Class.