Spinnaker-SymSymmetrical Spinnaker Clinic

Come learn the art and science of flying a spinnaker. This weekend class starts with a discussion on down-wind performance and an overview of spinnakers. We’ll go into the details of how to rig, hoist, trim, jibe, and douse the spinnaker, and review the potential problems that can occur during each maneuver, and practice how to properly pack a spinnaker so it doesn’t twist when hoisted.

Then it’s down to the boat to rig and fly the spinnaker at the dock to ensure that everyone understands the concepts before heading out. In the afternoon the training wheels come off as we head out onto the Bay and the real fun begins. We’ll make as many spinnaker runs as time allows, rotating each participant through every position.

Sunday is devoted to a full day of sailing, getting as much work with the spinnaker up as possible. By the afternoon you will have gained a thorough understanding of all facets of small boat spinnaker flying, and the skills to put it into practice.

Caution: Flying spinnakers may cause adrenaline rushes, unrestrained yelps of excitement, and pronounced grinning.

For more information, the latest schedule, or to enroll call 833-214-8918