Vessel Traffic Service Tour

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Come join us as we take a tour of the Vessel Traffic Service Center on Treasure Island. We’ve set up a tour to get a first hand look at what happens with all of the comings and goings of container ships and cruisers on the bay. This tour is FREE!

The mission of the V.T.S. is to coordinate the safe and efficient transit of vessels in San Francisco Bay in an effort to prevent accidents and the associated loss of life and damage to property and the environment.

They execute their mission by MONITORING vessel movements, INFORMING mariners of other vessels and potential hazards, RECOMMENDING courses of action when they see a situation that the mariner may not have seen, and DIRECTING the outcome of situations when necessary to prevent disasters.

Visit their website for lots of great information and to learn more about V.T.S.:

This tour will take approximately 2 hours. We’ll send out directions to participants and perhaps arrange a carpool from the Alameda location as parking on the island is limited. This tour is FREE! It is limited to fourteen people and reservations are required. Please call to reserve your spot today! 833-214-8918