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I became a Club Nautique Groupie long before I joined and could kick myself for waiting so long. It’s true you can learn to sail and become certified skipper in just a few weekends of fun and hard work. It opens the door to enjoy chartering and sailing on San Francisco Bay while you build your sailing experience and skills for the next level or simply enjoy what you have accomplished so far. I’ve met new friends,  for me it’s six months in and I can’t get enough,  I’ve been fortunate to be able to sail nearly every other weekend mostly on club boats and I definitely learn and challenge myself on each sail.

We all come to Club Nautique for different reasons, word is Club Nautique is the best sailing school in the country, one of my class mates traveled from the east coast simply to get his certifications from Club Nautique on San Francisco Bay. Rumor also has it that if you can learn to sail professionally on San Francisco Bay, you can learn to sail anywhere.

I’m the one who is thankful in having been afforded the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to be entrusted with some of the most beautiful sailboats in the world. I look forward to my 3rd US Sailing Association  BBC certification course to build on my training.

There is nothing like being skipper at the helm or tiller of a heeling sailboat!

Article posted in by Dwight Durant