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About Club Nautique

Award Winning Sailing Instruction

Working together Club Nautique continues to lead the way with our top of the line sailing and powerboating school. Our offshore sailing training is second to none. In fact, we certify over 75% of all US SAILING Coastal and Offshore Passagemaking graduates. That’s more than all of the other sailing schools in the country combined. With the most impressive fleet of offshore capable boats and instructors who are dedicated to giving you the most comprehensive learning experience you’ll find anywhere, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better program.

Our excellence in sailing and powerboating training doesn’t start there. Our beginning level courses are designed to help everyone understand the dynamics and challenges of boating, gain confidence in your sailing and skippering skills and become the best sailor or powerboater you can be under the supportive watchful eye of our well qualified, Coast Guard licensed instructors.

Look to your port sideThe boats that we use for each class are relevant to the material covered in the class. We teach Basic Keelboat on boats with tillers and outboard engines. Basic Cruising on boats with inboard diesel engines and wheel steering. They also have the more complicated systems covered in this level of certification so you’re sure to get hands-on training and a more solid understanding of the material.

Our School Director is committed to the on-going training of our already exceptional staff of instructors. Through constant clinics and training sessions, our instructors continue to challenge themselves as well as each other to improve their skills and to help them; become more able to recognize barriers in learning, develop tools to help you learn not just the “how’s” but also the “why’s” of sailing and to constantly strengthen their own sailing skills.

Complete Beginner to Offshore Training

Heeling in a ColgateBoth our sailing and powerboating courses are designed to take you from absolute beginner to a well-trained confident skipper. From the very basics of getting you comfortable with the boat and your skill level to the troubleshooting and escape plans of experienced skippers,Heavy weather heavy duty we’ll be there with you, helping, guiding, encouraging, every step of the way. Based on US SAILING and US Powerboating Certification standards, you’ll be able to gauge your progress and know where you stand in your skill set. We guarantee our classes so if you need help, we’ll get you up to speed.

Skippers who go through our courses have the skills and the confidence to sail anywhere in the world.

A fleet of over 45 New Boats

Ready to raceOur fleet of sail and powerboats ranges from 26′ to 52′. Most of those boats are only 1 – 5 years old. Boats in our fleet get a lot of love and attention so even the older boats are well maintained. We just recognize how nice it is to step aboard a shiny new boat. You’ll be impressed and you’ll “wow” your guests with your beautiful new boat! PLUS! We’ve got all the amenities you’ll need already on board. From safety equipment to all the accouterments to put on a lush 6 person dinner, you’re boat is equipped for any adventure.

Experienced Staff of Instructors

Great instructors All of our instructors are all US Coast Guard certified. Their commitment to proper standards indicates a level of respect and reverence for the craft of sailing and powerboating instruction. Most have boats of their own. All of our instructors are dedicated to helping you grow to love and respect the sport just as much as they do.

Locations in Alameda & Sausalito

With our two locations on San Francisco Bay, you have more options of cruising area and wind conditions. Plus with traffic being the way that it is, two locations can help shorten the distance between your front door to sitting in the cockpit!

Club Nautique has two locations on San Francisco Bay in Northern California

  • Alameda at 1150 Ballena Blvd. Ste.161 Ballena Isle Marina
  • Sausalito at 400 Harbor Dr. Suite D Clipper Yacht Harbor

About Us in General…

Since 1980 we have provided a unique pathway into the world of sailing and powerboating with instruction, a sailboat and trawler charter fleet, club facilities and activities, and yacht sales. Our mission is to help you get on the water and realize your yachting goals!

The fact that we’re not just a sailing school or rent-a-boat operation means we are committed to your long-term yachting success. When you take a class at Club Nautique, rest assured our goal is to make you into the best sailor possible. After all, when you graduate, you’re going to be skippering our boats. Our courses are guaranteed exactly for that reason.

Once you’re a member of Club Nautique, we continue to meet your yachting needs, from on-going instruction to worldwide charters and maybe even boat ownership. We’re very proud of the fact that many of our members have been with us since we opened our doors back in 1980. We’re also quite proud of our members who came to us never having sailed before and with the skills learned at Club Nautique, are out cruising the world.

Perhaps you simply look forward to flying to the Caribbean with your US SAILING Bareboat Charter certification in hand and skippering a charter boat on the vacation of a lifetime. Whatever your sailing dreams, we’re here to help you realize them.

Club Nautique offers its members more yachting services than any other club in the country, all for the low price of one membership. Pay us a visit or fill in the contact form below to discover how we can make your yachting dreams come true. We look forward to welcoming you aboard!