Place a Yacht in Charter with Club Nautique!

Let’s begin by agreeing the primary reason for purchasing a new boat should be enjoyment! It’s about fun, family, friends, and a fabulous lifestyle. That said, there are a number of excellent financial reasons for boat ownership today, some of which could prove to be quite beneficial over the long term. Let’s have a look at these in no particular order:

Income Generation: Placing a boat into charter with Club Nautique allows owners to generate income by renting out their vessel to individuals or groups. This additional revenue stream can help offset the costs of boat ownership, including maintenance, mooring fees, and insurance.

Professional Management: Club Nautique provides professional management services, handling the day-to-day operations of the vessel. We ensure that all charterers are trained and experienced eliminating any concerns about unqualified individuals chartering your boat. In addition, we manage all marketing, booking charters, and managing payments. Owners benefit from having experienced professionals take care of the logistical aspects of chartering.

Professional Maintenance: We have a team of experienced fleet maintenance staff that will coordinate, manage, and provide regular cleaning and maintenance of your boat helping to preserve its value over time. We have long-standing relationships with key vendors that provide us with priority scheduling and preferential pricing so that you get the best maintenance and your boat is turned around and ready to charter as quickly as possible.

Cost Offsetting: Charter income earned through Club Nautique can help offset ongoing expenses associated with boat ownership. The revenue generated contributes to covering maintenance, repairs, insurance premiums, and other operational costs, making boat ownership more financially feasible.

Usage Flexibility: Owners retain flexibility in using their boat for personal use when it’s not chartered. Club Nautique typically allows owners to reserve the boat for personal use, enabling them to enjoy their vessel while still deriving income from charter bookings.

Tax Savings
That’s not a phrase that’s often used today, but you get the point. Savvy boat buyers have been placing new yachts into charter service for years and taking advantage of tax write-offs like interest deductions, depreciation, deducting expenses like berthing, insurance, maintenance, property taxes and more. The combination of charter income from rentals and tax savings has often resulted in positive cash flow for the yacht owner. Current law includes several major improvements in the deductibility of a charter yacht including:

  • Section 179 — allows you to expense in the year of acquisition up to $1,220,000 of the purchase price of a charter yacht.
  • 60% Bonus Depreciation — allows you to write off up to 60% of the value of the boat in the year of acquisition (after accounting for the Section 179 deduction).

Overall, purchasing a boat and putting it into charter with Club Nautique offers a combination of financial benefits, professional management, and usage flexibility that can enhance the boat ownership experience. Owners can enjoy the perks of boat ownership while mitigating some of the associated costs and responsibilities.

Club Nautique now has an exclusive program with Beneteau and Jeanneau for the placement of new sailing, powerboats, and trawler yachts in charter service on San Francisco Bay. Contact us today for more details.

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