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Charter Approval

Club Nautique has a thorough charter approval process. Our goals are to ensure that everyone who charters our boats has a safe and satisfying experience on the water, while feeling comfortable that our boats are being properly handled and cared for. Safely skippering a boat requires both skill and knowledge. This skill and knowledge can be gained through classes–such as those offered by Club Nautique–or through your own experience.

Important Notes for charter approvals:

  • 1/2 day, full day and two day bareboat charters are available exclusively to members. Non-members may bareboat charter for three (3) or more consecutive days.
  • Successful non-member checkouts (full-day checkout) will result in charter approval valid through the end of the current calendar year and must be completed at least 48 hours prior to the start of the first charter period.
  • No single handed operation of vessels is permitted at Club Nautique. ALL charters, whether member or non-member must have at least 1 able crewperson aboard at all times while away from the dock.


Overview of Our Approval Process

Club Nautique offers an approval process designed to recognize the knowledge and experience of boaters who received their training elsewhere or who learned on their own. These are the steps in that process:

  1. Resume Submission
  2. Phone Interview
  3. On-the-Water Checkout

The steps begin with you submitting your sailing or powerboating resume using the links below. After we get your resume we will call you to conduct a short (15 minute) phone interview. During the interview you will be asked questions designed to quickly establish your level of knowledge, training and experience. At the end of the interview we will recommend the best path for you to gain charter approval.


If we determine that the experience represented on your resume and the knowledge demonstrated in the interview are consistent with chartering boats of the requested size, we will then schedule a checkout for you. Checkouts require a minimum of one week advance notice to schedule.

Checkouts consist of on-the-water skill and knowledge testing at a level that is consistent with the size and complexity of the boats to be chartered. In general, a candidate should meet the same standards as a person with US SAILING certification at the equivalent level. Club Nautique offers checkouts at the following approval levels:

Approval Level
Qualifies you to charter…
Basic Keelboat Sailboats up to 26′
Basic Cruising Sailboats up to 35′
Bareboat Cruising Sailboats up to 44′
Basic Powerboat Cruising Powerboats up to 32′
Inshore Powerboat Cruising Powerboats up to 40′
Twin Screw Powerboat Cruising Powerboats up to 44′

Club Nautique does not offer checkouts for offshore approval. That approval is only given upon completion of the relevant Club Nautique classes.

See Checkout Criteria

Get US SAILING Certification

Get US POWERBOATING Certification


Non-members are eligible to use checkouts for gaining charter approval.

Non-member annual charter check out: $450.

  • The checkout will last for approximately 8 hours.
  • Non-Member charter approval is valid for the current calendar year only and expires December 31. A new approval must be completed prior to the charter after that date.
  • Checkout fees are non-refundable and Club Nautique does not promise or guarantee approval from a checkout.
  • Only one crew member is allowed in addition to the qualifying skipper.
  • If the charterer fails the checkout, the normal cancellation policy remains in force, or the charterer can hire a captain, providing there are no more than 6 passengers aboard.
  • Non-member charters of less than 3 days may be booked as Skippered Charters providing there are no more than 6 passengers.

Checkout requests with less than 10 days notice will have an additional fee of $75.00


Checkouts are performed by licensed skippers and require advanced scheduling.

On-the-water checkouts are mandatory for all persons wishing to receive or upgrade their charter approval for Club Nautique boats without going through our normal training process. Non-members are required to charter for a minimum of a three days.