Coastal Passage Making Prep Charter Share

This is an opportunity to hone in on all of your sailing skills from Docking to Navigation and everything in between. Great for that weeks in between CPM classes to get out and practice with other sailors without the instructor looking over your shoulder. Whether you’re a grad or student or just thinking about the CPM program the practice is fantastic.

Each session will be geared towards a particular activity.

Weekly Topics
CPM PREP 1 (Motoring/COB)

Docking and close quarters maneuvering.
Includes the three escapes: back and fills, three point turns and backing into the wind. Also includes docking and line handling.

Crew Overboard
Practice COB drills, Figure-8, Quick-Stop and Lifesling.
Focus on honing your techniques and stopping the boat for the pickup.

CPM PREP 2 (Anchoring/Sailing)

Practice anchoring and knots.
Each crew member rotates around the various positions, from skipper to crew. Focus on hand signals, proper scope, safety, and setting the anchor.

Practice sail trim, reefing, heaving-to and stopping the boat in irons.
Also includes wind awareness, points of sail and sail balance.


  • Each day is made up of two sessions
  • Saturday sessions 0900 – 1700
  • 3-5 students per boat
  • Instruction Tip sheets are given out prior to each session
  • Member – $230 member / Non-member – $300
  • Special February and March winter price: $175 for members; $230 for non-members


  • All students must have a minimum of BBC Certification.