Puerto Vallarta International Airport

Image of Puerto Vallarta airport

Money Exchange

ATMs have become the preferred choice for money exchange when traveling and are the most common method now. The rates you get are better than money exchange booths, traveler’s checks and banks. 

You can change money at a convenient “Casa de Cambio” (Money Exchange). These are money exchangers that are open long hours and provide quick service. Expect a slightly lower rate for traveler’s checks.

Although dollars are widely accepted in resort areas, we recommend using pesos during your stay. Hotels can also exchange dollars, but these normally give you low rates, use them as your last resort (pun not intended).

Most Mexican banks have stopped exchanging dollars to pesos unless you have an account with them, rendering them useless for travelers. If you do find one that exchanges dollars bring your passport, there are also limits to how much you can cash, $300/day and $1500/month is the norm.

There’s usually no commission added on exchanges, but do ask beforehand to avoid any surprises. In any case, they adjust rates to give them a commission anyway, all financial institutions never waste an opportunity to fleece us.

Airport diagram

The taxi service available at the airport is special. they are federal-licensed and are the only ones allowed to travel from the airport to the hotel and areas in the vicinity.

The easiest and shortest way is to move along the east side of the airport building towards the highway, you’ll find a pathway over the highway to find taxis and buses that go to Nuevo Vallarta and northwards.