Bareboat Prep Charter Share

This is your chance to get the hands-on practice you will need prior to Bareboat Cruising while having fun with your fellow BC students in these structured sessions.

When you complete all four sessions and have stood as the skipper of record on at least one of the charter shares, you will be given four of the ten charter credits required for your Bareboat class.


Bareboat Prep Charter Share – Motoring

Practice docking and close quarters maneuvering.
Includes the three escapes: back and fills, three point turns and backing into the wind. Also includes docking and line handling.

Bareboat Prep Charter Share – Sailing

Practice sail trim, reefing, heaving-to and stopping the boat in irons.
Also includes wind awareness, points of sail and sail balance.

Bareboat Prep Chartershare – COB

Practice COB drills, Figure-8, Quick-Stop and Lifesling.
Focus on honing your techniques and stopping the boat.

Bareboat Prep Charter Share – Anchoring

Practice anchoring and knots.
Each crew member rotates around the various positions, from skipper to crew. Focus on hand signals, proper scope, safety, and setting the anchor.


  • Each day is made up of two sessions
  • Saturday Morning sessions 0900 – 1230
  • Saturday Afternoon sessions 1330 – 1730
  • Limited to five (5) BC certified students
  • Sign-off forms track the student’s progress through the program
  • Tip sheets are given out prior to each session
  • Price per day: Member – $195.00 / Non-member – $260.00


  • Prerequisite: BC certification.
  • Student must be skipper of record for at least one session.
  • Student must complete the full series in order to receive charter credit towards BBC.
  • Students can attend as many sessions as desired but will receive a maximum of four charter credits towards BBC.
  • Payment is due at sign-up and is non-refundable.
  • Coupons and other discounts are not accepted for this event.

Cancellation Policy:

  • By Student:
    • 8 days or more prior to event, payment will be credited toward a future BBP
    • 7 days or fewer prior to event, no credit will be issued.
  • By Club Nautique:
    • Payment will be credited toward a future BBP