If you love sailing and power boating and think you’d be good at introducing new people to the lifestyle, we should talk. But first, there are keys to success you should be aware of:

* Serious boating experience is a must. If you’ve been through Club Nautique’s training program, that’s even better! Sorry, but simply “loving the water” doesn’t qualify you to counsel others on how to get on board.

* Professional sales experience is important. The lion’s share of your income will be based on your sales success, so please don’t kid yourself. We’re looking for someone who can sell and who considers selling a profession. Good sales people make it look easy, and it is for them, because they’re doing what they love – helping people to realize their dreams.

* You must be able to work weekends. This doesn’t mean every weekend, but face it – that’s when we’re busy and when most of our customers come in.

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