Bay Buoy Boogie!!!

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The Second Annual Club Nautique Bay Buoy Boogie rally will take place on 17 June and be open to all Club Nautique members! A combined rally and “Meet your Yacht Club” opportunity, this unique event will challenge old salts and new to get around The Bay as fast as possible and back to Ballena Bay Yacht Club for awards and the PARTY!!!

Participants will get a t-shirt*, dinner and live music at BBYC, receive awards, and even get breakfast in the Alameda Clubhouse on Sunday morning. We’re using the RaceQs app to track the whole thing, so we’ll be able to broadcast everyone’s progress live in the Clubhouses and replay all the excitement.

That’s a whole lot of fun for only $30 per person!  

Teams are encouraged to charter for the full weekend in order to take advantage of Friday night boarding and the included Sunday breakfast in Alameda. All sailboats are available for participation, so be sure to book your favorite early!!Cartoon of a seal on a bouy

Awards Categories:

  • Regatta Champion
  • Best overall time
  • Best images (photos or video) 

How To Register

Call your club house and tell them you’re ready to BOOGIE!


Sign up online! (Password is BOOGIE)

Two ways to participate:


Pick your boat:

Skippers may reserve boats and find crew later. Skippers must pay the entrance fee for themselves at the time of booking. They may organize their teams and use a charter-share strategy if they wish. Alternatively, if you want us to help you build a team, we’ll put out a notice on Crew Connect and use the Doodle App to advertise your team.

Need Crew? / Want to find a skipper? — Get on the Crew Connect Forum and put a team together! 


We’ll pick for you:

Ready for random? You can call us up and ask to be in a Club picked team. Individual and couple participants must pay entrance fees at the time of booking. Charter share costs will depend on number of crew, which base you leave from and the size of boat. Teams from Sausalito should expect to spend the night at Ballena Isle Marina. Club picked teams will split the charter cost, which we expect to be between $200 and $350 dollars per-person (less if you board in Alameda). Please be sure to tell our staff which base you’d prefer to board from.


The Full Course is approximately 21 miles, with the start line between Blossom Rock and Pier 39. Club Nautique’s Encore will function as Committee Boat. Racers will proceed west along the SF Waterfront to Blackholler “Crissy” buoy, head north near the GG Bridge, take G “1” to starboard and proceed through Racoon Strait. Take R “8” to STBD and make for the leeward side of TI.  Build up some speed for the shadow behind Yerba Buena (no power sailing!), and hustle to the finish at Ballena Bay. This will be a handicapped pursuit style regatta.



Bareboat course image

Be sure to sign up for the RaceQs app beforehand, and you can watch your favorite team’s progress.

TERMS: White sails only. Teams must attend the post-race awards ceremony to be eligible for prizes and official times. All souls on participating vessels must pay the entrance fee. No refunds or cancellations after Saturday, 27 May. *We will make every effort to get t-shirts prior to the event for late entrants, but there may be an additional cost for rush orders. Competing images must be submitted to Social Media Director (Kelly) by 1800 on the day of the race for eligibility. Single handing is not permitted. Chartering skippers must have a minimum of US Sailing BC certification to reserve a boat. There will be a handicapped “Pursuit” start. So, first to finish wins. Power boats charterers are welcome to participate as observers (and attend the party!).