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Come Cruising with Club Nautique! Our team puts together incredible domestic and international cruises every year! And our Vacation Experts can help you go it alone if that’s more your style. 

It seems like we all have some bucket list places we keep putting off until next year. But you joined Club Nautique to get on the water! And what better way to experience what boating has to offer than to get cruising? Whether you like to sail or prefer power, both our domestic and international cruises have you covered!

For first-timers, we help get you cruising with a variety of options. Club Nautique offers crew placement aboard vessels with experienced members. OR, once you have your Basic Cruising certification from US Sailing, you’ll be invited to work with our school director and be the skipper for inshore cruises. And then, once you have Bareboat Cruising, and your International Proficiency Certificate, you’ll be able to book vacations around the world!


If you’ve advanced through our Coastal Passage Making certification, you’ll already be familiar with the great Coastal destinations California has to offer. We invite you to skipper on our coastal domestic cruises, and when you visit our base in Mexico, your navigation limits stretch from Manzanillo to Mazatlan!


  • The Memorial Weekend Cruise is to the Delta this year and includes a fantastic wine tour! Click here for more info!
  • The Labor Day Weekend Cruise is to Monterey this year and includes a great cross-bay race!


  • 2018 – Cruise the West Coast of Mexico, from Mazatlan to Manzanillo! Embarking at the new base in Puerto Vallarta!
  • 2019 – For the first time, by popular demand, we’re considering a cruise of the Baleric   Islands!

What will you do with your cruise burgee?


“Now our Croatia trip is complete. Our Burgee is on the wall in my office as a constant reminder of our wonderful sailing adventure!” John & Sandy

Donelley V Tahiti

“Trying to bring just a little bit of Tahiti to Donnelly. Love…” Susan and Don










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