Coastal Powerboat Cruising

This course is designed for people with previous powerboating experience who would like to take their skills to the next level and who plan to do coastal cruising.

Powerboat 'Thousand Aces' under way


Curriculum includes handling heavier, more powerful and complex yachts. Class is taught on a 43′ twin screw trawler and includes four days living aboard outside the gate up and down the California coast. Course focuses on navigation, fuel management, crew management, and heavy weather tactics. Graduates may charter trawlers up to 50′ on ocean waters.


  • 5 days liveaboard course in coastal waters
  • Extended time on water

Additional Information:

  • Maximum 4 students per class
  • Stay aboard class boat each night
  • Course guaranteed (with restrictions) – Free retakes until you pass
  • Additional provisioning extra


Regularly $3,000 + share of charter costs


Inshore and Twin Screw Powerboat Cruising or equivalent experience, US Sailing Navigation 1 and GRAD.

This class is guaranteed!


Cover of 'Start Powerboating Right' book

Start Powerboating Right, US Powerboating and Passage Making.
Included in cost of class.

Plus US POWERBOATING supplement