Radar & GPS Clinic

RadarAsk any experienced navigator which instrument they value most, GPS or radar and almost universally the answer will be radar. It is the most powerful electronic navigation tool on most boats and few of us really know how to use it. Here’s your chance to learn.

This one day clinic is designed to introduce you to the proper use of radar. We start in the classroom reviewing the various functions of the radar and how to apply them. In the afternoon we’re out on the water aboard one of our larger boats equipped with radar to apply those theories through practical experience. Among other things, you will learn how discern buoys from vessels, track vessels to determine whether you are on a collision course, and navigate with radar using one, two and three bearing fixes.

This one day clinic is limited to 4 students per boat and reservations are required.

For more information, the latest schedule, or to enroll call 833-214-8918.