Bareboat Cruising

US SAILING Bareboat Cruising Certification: The Power to Cruise Confidently Anywhere

Now you’re talkin’! This is the reason a lot of us learn to sail. We’re not learning the fundamentals of sailing any longer, we’re now ready to put all of our learning to use enjoying destination cruising, overnight trips and the luxury of larger well equipped yachts. This class gets you prepared for the enjoyment of cruising.


Club Nautique’s Bareboat Cruising Course will prepare sailors who are already comfortable skippering sailboats up to 35′ in length to embark upon a lifetime of cruising adventures on sailing vacations around the world. You will spend 4 full days and one night aboard our 36′ to 43′ sailing yachts learning all the skills necessary to safely skipper powerful and complex yachts up to 50′ on voyages of up to several weeks. If your goal is to enjoy a bareboating vacation in the Virgin Islands or to skipper your own 30′ to 55′ yacht in your home waters, this course will prepare you to make the dream a reality! Like the preceding courses, we guarantee your success.

Topics Covered Include

  • Large Yacht (35′ to 55′) Systems
  • Navigation
    • DR Plotting and Steering
    • Compensating for Current and Leeway
    • Use of GPS
    • Introduction to RADAR
  • Night Sailing
  • Precision Boat Handling in Close Quarters and Open Water
  • Advanced Anchoring
    • Multiple Anchor Techniques (Double-Bow, Bow and Stern)
    • Mediterranean Mooring
  • Overnighting
    • Provisioning
    • Meal Preparation Onbaord
    • Anchor Watches
  • Dinghy Handling (Towing, Rowing)
  • Heavy Weather Strategies
    • Forecasting Squalls
    • Sail Selection
    • Selecting Harbors of Refuge
    • Heaving-To


  • Four days
    • First two days, 0900 – 1700
    • Third day, students and instructors move abroad and spend the next two days living aboard
    • Third night includes night sailing and navigation
  • Offered one to three times per month at each location
  • Taught aboard 36′ to 52′ cruising yachts


$3,200 per person


  • Basic Keelboat and Basic Cruising Certification (or equivalent skills).
  • Navigation 1 Certification.
  • 2 FULL days of Bareboat Prep Sessions (BBP).
  • Six days of skippering experience on boats from 31′- 35′.
  • This class is guaranteed!


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Bareboat Cruising, US SAILING
Included in cost of class.

Price: $3,200

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