Celestial Navigation

US SAILING Celestial Passagemaking Certification: The Power of Navigation Without Modern Technology

There is perhaps no more magical or romantic seamanship skill than the art and science of celestial navigation. Even in today’s age of satellite navigation, there is no surer way of determining your ship’s position at sea than with sextant and skill. Through this 4-day in-classroom course, you will gain the skills and confidence to navigate using the sun and stars without depending upon electronic aids to navigation.

Cover of Celestial Navigation book

Topics Covered Include

  • Use of the Sextant (Sun, Moon and Star Sights)
  • Adjusting/Correcting the Sextant
  • Calculating Latitude and Longitude Through Sight Reductions
  • Determining Distance-Off
  • Plotting a running fix


Coastal Navigation Certification (or equivalent skills)

Price: $750